Water Mixology For Weight Loss – Special

Water Mixology for Weight Loss – Special

Flow just like water! Be Zen-like Water. A no-calorie, metabolism booster, temperature regulator…water is a blessing. Water is the elixir of life!
The best way to calculate how much water you need to drink is to take your weight in lbs and divide it by half- that’s how many ounces you need to drink in a day. So everyone should drink the recommended intake of water daily. Hang around for 5 simple water tonics that aid digestion, promote weight loss, clear and youthful looking skin.

Sassy Water

The author of the Flat Belly Diet, Cynthia Sass, invented Sassy Water. If you wanna start your awesome journey to lose your weight then it’s really an effective way to start with. It tricks you into drinking water all day and the ingredients do wonders for your digestion.


Honey & Lemon Water

A glass of hot water with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of honey has proven to lead to trimmer waistlines. It promotes fat burning in your body and revs up your metabolism. DRINK Up early in the morning when you wake up and watch those pounds melt away!


Cumin Water

Cumin or Jeera Water aids digestion, fights with acne and stomach ache, prevents diabetes and detoxifies your skin leaving you with a healthy glow. All you have to do is boil some seeds of cumin in water, let it cool and drink it on an empty stomach. You will sleep like a baby if you do this every day for a month.


Turmeric Water

Turmeric or Haldi has a lot of proven benefits. It is anti-carcinogenic, detoxifies the body and is antiseptic in nature. Turmeric water, in turn, is extremely beneficial to help with digestion and if you happen to have a sore throat. You can have one more option, just replace the water with the milk. Boil some raw turmeric in water and then strain it. After that, all you have to do is gulp it down. It might take some getting used to the taste but it is worth it. After all, it’s not termed GOLDEN WATER, in vain!


Bay Leaf Tea

Bay leaf or Tezpatta is a known cure for hairloss, aids in managing diabetes, alleviate respiratory conditions, decreases cortisol- the stress hormone in your body thus promoting weight loss. You tend to pack pounds when you’re stressed. It’s super easy to make. Boil 5-6 bay leaves in water. Add a cinnamon stick(stick) and strain it to enjoy your homemade delicious smelling bay leaf tea!


Happy Drinking, all of you drunk on water! These water tonics are especially great, quick and easy to make using ingredients you have lying around the house. Since you’ve stuck around so far, here’s the promised hack to stay hydrated.

Water Drink Reminder is the top rated Android app on the Play store which keeps track of your water intake, sends you gentle reminders and helps you stay on top of your drinking game!
For IOS users, check out Daily Water and get your daily dose of H20!

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