Top Indian dishes you must resolve to try this year

Top Indian Dishes You Must Try to Resolve This Year

Foods in India is a feast for the taste buds for all. And this adds up to your privilege if you are an Indian. The variety of dishes is literally countless. The diversity of its different regions and each region having its separate different cuisine, it is essentially hard to try all the dishes made in India. From wheat as a main ingredient in northern part to rice being the principle part in southern India, this big country offers a wide variety of foods for you to try. Moreover these northern and southern parts are sub divided in smaller regions namely, Punjab, Rajasthan, Kashmiri, Bengali. And as if this diversity was not enough, these can be even divided into smaller regions, each having distinct range of cuisines, for example, Rajasthani cuisine is further divided into Jaipuri, Bikneri, etc.

However, most of the dishes have some basic trends in common, like their use of spices like mustard, coriander, curry leaves, etc., is common all over the sub-continent, with variety in the way of use for sure. With this much diversity and population, it is too hard to come up with a list of top Indian dishes which you must resolve to try this year, but we have given it our best shot to try doing it.

Gujarati Thali

The leader in this list is actually not a dish but a combo of local Guajarati dishes, which usually comprises of two or more types of curries, steamed rice, different types of chapattis/ naans and pudis, poppadoms (papad), buttermilk, one sweet dish and different types of chutneys and raita. Along with it, there are several variations depending upon the region from which the Thali belongs. It is according to some travelers, the best way to relish nearly every major dishes of traditional Gujarat. It provides you opportunity to taste those dishes in one go, and that also for a very economical price. The concept of thali is attributed to traditional Guajarati restraunts where you don’t have to order different dishes independently. This has various benefits. In this system, a thali is designed to contain all the necessary nutrients and it results in less wastage as well. It does it all, desserts, main course, starters, etc., everything comes with the thali. So, on your next visit to Gujarat, do try their thali.

Stuffed prantha

Wheat has been a main part of diet all over the world, but unlike the major parts of the world, where it is used as bread, in the subcontinent, it is used as chapatti. And with centuries old culture, variations with it are bound to happen. The major one being stuffed prantha. Actually, stuffed prantha is not a single dish but it is the name given to a range of chapatti variations which have similar process of preparation. The basic recipe is pretty simple. The item which is to be stuffed, is put in dough and mixed thoroughly which is then rolled into flat triangular/ circular patterns. It is placed on Tawa where it is baked while applying oil on the surface continuously. The item to be stuffed has a wide range. It can be radish, potato, cauliflower, paneer (cottage cheese), etc., which further influences the name of it.


Often associated with Hyderabad, this cult dish is considered to be the best treat among the young generation and during the days of royalties, it had confirmed presence in parties. It can take many forms, broadly divided into two types – veg biryani and non-veg biryani. It was originated in southern India, primarily from Hyderabad. It is made with rice, curd, lots of spices, vegetables and chicken or mutton, depending upon personal choices. Either way, it is something which you must give a shot. Its serving process is primarily important. It is done with varieties of raita and salads.

Masala dosa

Masala dosa is a signature dish from India, with origins in Mysore region of Karnataka. It is so popular that, it was named the 9th most popular dishes in the world. It is so deep rooted in the Indian culture that, Raghuram Rajan used the term “Dosanomics” to make people understand the relation between inflation and interest rates. It is basically a form of thin pan cakes, prepared with batter fermented overnight. Batter is a mixture of white lentil (Urad dal) and rice. It is further served with chutneys made of coconut, mango, etc., and sambhar. Sambhar is a lentil based vegetable stew, in which nearly all the seasonal vegetables can be added. With its legacy and popularity, it is available in nearly all the corners of India.

Butter Chicken Masala

This lavish dish is from Punjab and has been popularized all over the world by its developer and inventor, Kundan Lal Gujral, a Punjabi restaurateur and the founder of Moti Mahal Deluxe restraunts chain. Its desi name is Murg Makhni. This sultry dish is often served with black lentils, designed salads and naan (a derivative of chapatti). The best part of it is that, apart from curry powder, all the ingredients like butter, olive oil, garlics, etc., used to prepare it are usually present at home itself. Now a days there are many ready-made mixed spices in the market thus making its preparation very easy. Moreover it is really very easy to find it in the menus of all the local restraunts in India as well as in the Indian restraunts around the world.

Rogan Josh (Red Lamb)

The literal translation for the name of this Kashmiri signature dish of Persian origin, is “red lamb” in English. It is particularly known for its iconic red color which comes from dry red chilies cultivated in Kashmir. It is a type of mutton curry made from mutton, Kashmiri chilies, yogurt, etc. Usually people presume it to be super hot and spicy and thus tend to avoid it, but in reality, the Kashmiri chilies are not so hot as people assume it to be and moreover, yogurt is added at the end which further reduces the heat of chilies. This aromatic dish is a must try for every one this new year as along with its awesome taste, it has numerous health benefits as well.

Malai Kofta

Malai Kofta is a prime Indian delicacy which is eaten on various occasions and is a present dish in every parties. Its popularity is attributed to its being pure vegetarian thus making it acceptable to every section of society. It is a vegetarian alternative to meatballs. The veg koftas are a veg ball of different seasonal vegetables, and spices, and paneer. And it is served with lots of malai over it, thus the name. In conclusion, it can be stated that, it is an Indian reply to meatballs.

Chole (chickpea curry)

It is a classic favorite in northern India and is a global sensation. Chole is a curry made of chickpea and is a fore-runner in the section of curries. It is often served hot with varieties of leavened bread, namely poori and bhatuda. Another derivative of this curry is particularly liked in the rural India, which is prepared by mixing chole and crunched samosa. It is served along with curd and sugar syrup as well.

New Year is a fantastic platform to take resolutions and this day provides mystic motivations to keep up with them. So, we advise you all to take resolution to experience the greatness in Indian foods this year and know what you are missing in your life.

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