Amateur Hour

Amateur Hour

Around the globe, there are many people stepping into adulthood without a clue of any food prepping knowledge. Apart from a sandwich and cereal, they hardly have a clue of what to do in the kitchen. If you are one of them, PUT DOWN everything and READ THIS!
This easy guide will handhold you through the process of everything you need to know to start cooking for yourself. First things first, cooking is fun and not tedious. You can learn to cook easy, quick meals in no less than 5 mins by clicking here(kindly link the microwave mug recipes post) To simplify the process of learning we’re going to treat it like a video game!

Level One

Start with the easy stuff. Try making instant noodles in a microwave. Make tea or coffee for yourself. Help someone out in the kitchen by chopping up vegetables. Be careful with those onions though![Psst.. Read on till the end for life hacks to save you from those damned onion tears!] Once you get accustomed to using a few basic tools in the kitchen like knives, pots and pans…it’s time to graduate to Level Two.

Level Two

Welcome to Eggland! Eggs are the easiest thing to make and also the easiest to screw up! The versatility of eggs is its USP. You can make omelettes, soft-boiled, hard-boiled, poached, scrambled, sunny side up, fried eggs and the list goes on… Start with your favorite variation and move up the ladder. At this time it would be wise to invest in a whisk and non-stick pans if you don’t already have one. Soon, with some practice you’ll be making eggcellent omelettes! 🙂

Level Three

Next stop :BreakfastTown! Once you master the art of eggs, move on to breakfast food. Pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, toast and smoothies are a good place to start. Write down the list of things you like and look up the recipes online. You will learn quicker if it’s something you enjoy eating. Have fun in the kitchen and allow yourself to make mistakes and messes!

Level Four

Get your Meat On! Now that you have won over BreakfastTown, it is now time to dive deep. Learn to cook your favourite meats. Chicken is white, lean meat and very versatile to work with. Other meats will take some time to figure out. Meanwhile you can learn how to make grilled chicken, hot ‘n spicy chicken, chicken cutlets, meatballs, burgers…the world is your playground. Fair Warning: It is real easy to cook chicken but overcooking it makes it tough to chew on and undercooking it…well, you should not be eating any undercooked meat ever! You have to get it just right. It will take you a couple of tries but it is so worth it.

Level Five

Congratulations on making it this far in the game. You are one step away from calling yourself a cook! You’ve got breakfast, meat and all instant food covered. You can now survive on your own. Hold up though. Veggies! Vegetables can be fairly simple or difficult to cook depending on the recipe. Your safest bet is to boil them with a pinch of salt and have it as a side for your meat. If you really want to venture into VeggieWorld, go for it. Or if you are a vegetarian or vegan skip Level Two and Four. Get yourself acquainted with the in-season vegetables and produce. Go green!

If you’ve stuck around till the very end [or just skipped to the end] to see what the amazing hack was all about, here you go:

“Last Christmas, I gave you my heart. But the very next day, you further gave it away.
This year, to save myself from tears, I gave it to someone really special!”

Haha! Just pulling your leg. Here are some real hacks to try to save you from onion tears:
• Put the onion in the freezer for an hour beforehand.
• Chew on a gum while cutting the onions
• Wear goggles or glasses to protect your eyes
• Have someone else chop it up for you :p

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